Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Git Some- Cosmic Rock

Out of the filthy ashes of Planes Mistaken for Stars emerges a new beast from the snowy mountains of Colorado. Git Some are 50% Planes and 100% noisy punk rock. In no way resembling the emotionally charged hardcore of PMFS, Git Some take all the primo punk bands from the 80s and roll them up into a big fat blunt and smoke the shit out of it. Black Flag, yep. Minor Threat, sure. The Dead Kennedys, why not? Unshowered, sweaty, gritty punk rock. These guys are putitng the fun back in punk. Shooting bottle rockets at government officials, getting piss drunk on PBR , bashing in the monitors with the guitars. There hasn't been a punk band like this in a while with so much energy beeing thrown at you from every direction. I can only imagine how they fuck shit up live.

Git Some myspace

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