Monday, October 13, 2008

The Acacia Strain- Continent

These fellows are angry. And with global warming, a sinking economy, and the Presidential race at hand, why shouldn't they be? The Acacia Strain are pissed. Brutal metal, just face bashing, bite the curb metal.

The band has changed their sound quite a bit since their Prosthetic debut 3750. Their three downtuned guitar massacre has been chopped down to one, but on record they employ multiple guitar tracks, so you really can't tell. Things are still heavy as ever. Unlike many metalcore bands whose sound seems rather generic, the Acacia Strain have some pretty unique breakdowns, not unlike their peers in Bury Your Dead.

Continent is a worldwide attack on everyone and everything, a massive global hatred. As apocalyptic as anything you've heard in a while. They attack everyone, from bands who try to copy their sound ("Skynet"), to women ("Cthulhu," and about half of the rest of the songs), to the entire globe, where on "Baby Buster," vocalist Vincent Bennett talks about blowing up the planet, "I want the world to have my rape baby, so when it's born I can strangle it to death," and on "JFC (Jesus Fucking Christ)," he politely states "I pushed the button, I watched the sky rain death. Consider this global abortion."

While this is a very angry album and might be taken a little too seriously, there has always been a very tongue-in-cheek undertone to the band. Just from reading the track titles ("Skynet," "Dr. Doom," "Baby Buster," "JFC (Jesus Fucking Christ,") ...), you should be able to tell that this band isn't trying to be as macho or sadistic as they sound. The lyrics are obviously ironic and tongue-in-cheek. I mean, how can you take a line like, "I am the end of the world. My dick now lies in your rotting mouth.," seriously. There are some really fucked up, but humorous lyrics on this record. Too many metal bands take themselves way too seriously, it's nice to see a band sneek a bit of black humor into the mix. But don't laugh too hard, this is still a ripping fucking record.

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Sheen said...

My thoughts on the record and band exactly. A big reason many people can't get into this type of music is because they won't let themselves learn that the band isn't satanic and doesn't actually want to murder people. It's just sound, people. It's energy.