Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Past Lives- Strange Symmetry

You may be sensing a theme, and that theme is bands breaking up. As you may or may not know, the Blood Brothers are no more. But the musicians involved have always been doing their own thing while doing the Blood Brothers: Johnny and Mark did the Neon Blonde project while Jordan and Codie teamed up with members of the Locust and formed Head Wound City. But the Blood Brothers have finally been put to rest. While I mourn the lose, I must look forward to the future. Several projects have already sprouted up featuring the Blood Brothers family. The majority of the group, 3/5 or 60%, have gone on to form Past Lives. Jordan (vox), Mark (drums), and Morgan (baritone guitar, synths) team up with former Blood Brothers bassist Devin (guitar). This 5 song EP is their debut on Seattle imprint Suicide Squeeze (Minus The Bear, Hella).

While the Blood Brothers were known for their chaotic, post-hardcore attack with dueling vocals, Past Lives shake off that notion and deliver a softer, more melodic sound. Shifting from quiet, trance like musings to Blood Brothers-esque ragers (albeit, Jordan's howls are toned down a bit from his blood curdling screams of the past), this little EP has a wide range of sounds going on. Xylophones and shakers, bubbling synth, bluesy Birthday Party guitars, and soothing feedback are jammed packed into 15 minutes. Noisy, but in a controlled environment.

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