Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Young Widows- Old Wounds

More Louisville madness!!! Young Widows (Evan Patterson from Black Cross/The National Acrobat + 2/3 of Breather Resist) is back with more Steve Albini worship and haunting hardcore creepiness.

These eleven songs range from balls out Jesus Lizard torture to dense minimalism. "The Guitar" contains so much empty space in the recording you could drown to death. Evan's vocal delivery is very sobering and even hypnotizing at times, and the rhythm section seems almost mechanical, getting so locked in that it's amazing that this music is being performed by human beings.

Spacey and tribal, dark and brooding, and maybe a little unsettling. Definitely music to listen to in a dark empty hallway.

Try staring at the cover art while you listen to the entire record and see if you don't get creeped the fuck out as well.

Young Widows myspace

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