Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Slackers- Self Medication

Welcome to the Church of Slack. Let the sinnin' commence.

Everyone's favorite reggae, ska, soul and rocksteady pranksters are back with twelve more doses of healing that goes down smooth. Side effects included skanking, head bobbing, singing along, and feelin' good. The Slackers are the best at bringin' you the classic sound and feel of oldschool reggae and ska, and along with the Agrrolites, are bringing much more of an awareness for this amazing music.

12 years in and the Slackers still sound fresh. Everything they put out is just too fucking cool. Just a really talented group of guys reliving the glory days. They aren't shoving politics down your throat or whining about girls (although they do have an occasional "broken heart" song). And stylistically they cover a lot of ground, from the organ driven calypso of "Estranged" to the horn heavy ska of "Leave Me," to the old tyme sound of "Don't Have To." This record is a little more laid back than some of their past releases, but don't think that they have slowed down any.

RIYL: Trojan records, Bob Marley and the Wailers, the Clash, the Aggrolites, Red Stripe, getting high, good music

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