Monday, October 20, 2008

They Might Be Giants- Here Come The 123s

They Might Be Giants...or they might not be. That has been a question for the ages. Man or machine? Alien or human? Pop stars or pop superstars? Whatever the case, They Might Be Giants are here to rock and inform you whether you like it or not. They recently released their 12th studio album The Else, produced by none other than the Dust Brothers (which was accompanied by a bonus disc of rare material). Full of quirky pop gems, nerdy anthems, and goofy irony, it everything a Giants album should be. Now back in children's album mode, the Johns release their third of the series, about what else, the 123's.

The songs topics range from the numbers 1-10, to a dozen, to infiinty, as well as various other songs, like a cover of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and a song about hot dogs. This isn't your typical children's album. It's a They Might Be Giants album first and foremost, so you'll sill get the bizarre humor that you've come to love, and they cover many styles: vaudville, disco, lounge, funk, and straight up rock.

Children's edutainment has really come a long way from the day's I was listening to Raffi sing about Baby Beluga and that fucking Bananaphone. Kids get to watch Yo Gabba Gabba! (created by the ska band The Aquabats, and featuring such guests as Biz Markie and the Aggrolites) and now they get to listen to They Might Be Giants. If I was a parent my kids would definitely get to listen to this. And while most kids shit like this (Kidz Bop anyone?) is annoying as hell, I still find myself singing along. Oh to be a kid again...

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