Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lagwagon- I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon

Fat Wreck Chord's first signed band is back with a brand new EP full of hard hitting heartfelt ballads, punk rock prowess, and genuine emotion.

Lagwagon seem to have reached a mature stage in their lives with this release and their last full length, Resolve, which paid tribute to their longtime drummer Derrick Plourde, who committed suicide in 2005. Gone are the quirky punk gems of Trashed and Duh (the only humor you'll find here is in the title of the record), the speedy punk anthems of Hoss and Double Plaidinum; you won't find any LL Cool J covers on this one. In the vein of singer Joey Cape's former electic side project Bad Astronaut, this EP is a little mellower than you Lagwagon heads may be used to. But speed and rockability have not been sacrificed my friends. Songs about surviving life, touring, memories, and falling flat on your face, Cape's lyrical wisdom shines as always.

Lagwagon may be becoming grandpas in the punk scene that they helped create, but they are still consistently putting out amazing records. With Cape so busy with the Gimme Gimmes and his solo shit, I hope to see another full length Lagwagon album soon.

Lagwagon myspace


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. You might want to embed clips (video or audio) for your audience.

bbrodsky said...

I was thinking the same thing, maybe a myspace link or something