Sunday, August 10, 2008

DJ Scotch Egg- Drumized

Ever played Gameboy on an acid trip? You might get the same effect if you listen to Japan’s DJ Scotch Egg. One of the forefront DJs to popularize the bastard wedding of chiptune and breakcore, DJ Scotch Egg (who was convinced by popular breakcore artist Shitmat to start making gabber tracks with his Gameboy) has been fucking up eardrums since 2003 (although he has been a part of several noise projects predating the DJ Scotch Egg moniker). He has recently signed to Lightning Bolt’s Load Records.

Drumized is DJ Scotch Egg at his craziest. Bombs blast; beeps and boops pound in a violent fuck fest. Demented circus tunes explode into maniacal screams. Lazer beam beats spiral to their death. This is the soundtrack to the most fucked up Gameboy Game you’ve never played. Broken shards of Super Mario Bros., Barnum and Bailey’s circus, jazz, and Beethoven can be heard behind a rage of 8-bit bullets. Strangely poppy, incessantly warped.

DJ Scotch Egg myspace

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