Monday, October 6, 2008

Dr. Dooom- Dr. Dooom 2

OK, so Kool Keith isn't the most consistent rapper out there, and why should he be? The man has been doing whatever the fuck he wants since the bizzarely stunning Dr. Octagonecolygest came out 12 years ago. And I'm sure people kept expecting him to put out Doc Oc 2, but he didn't care. Still staying close to the genre he supposedly created (acid rap, horrorcore, pornocore, but hey, what do labels mean anyway?), he released albums under a slew of alter-egos including Black Elvis, Mr. Nogatco (whose album Nogatco Rd. is Dr. Octagon spelled backwards), the Diesel Truckers (with Kut Master Kurt), just Kool Keith, and Dr. Dooom (not to be confused with MF Doom).

Dr. Dooom supposedly killed off Dr. Octagon in his first album First Come First Served, but Kool Keith "brought him back" for a second record in 2006. Produced by One Watt Sun, this album wasn't even supposed to be officially realeased. It is for all practical purposes old vocals of Kool Keith slapped together with some half-assed beats. On Dr. Dooom 2, Keith as Dr. Dooom kills off Dr. Octagon for good on "RIP Dr. Octagon."

First Come First Served, while not following a particular theme, was a dark album filled with science fiction, eeire acid bumps, and Keith's perverted goofy lyrics. But forget all that. On "Mopped Up," Keith spits, "The first thing you gonna do as a journalist is compare this to the 1st Dr. Dooom, fuck you." If anything, stylistically it's closer to something like Sex Style, with plenty of hooks, but this isn't your average rap album. Keith stills jacks off all over your face with plenty of monster movie imagery with his distinctive quirky and offputting flow. Name checking everything from Jason and Michael Myers to the Indiana Pacers, it's still the same Keith that you either love or hate. And Kut Master Kurt is back with his icy, haunting beats that just add to the perverted vibe of the album.

Kool Keith's attitude about people liking this album can be summed up on "Always Talkin' Out Your Ass," where he states, "Yo everybody always wanna talk shit, when you make a new album, it's not good as the last one, how many are sold?" He also attacks fanzines, people with ipods, the Village Voice, and bitches that won't fuck him.

This is Kool Keith's best work since Nogatco Rd., and just goes to show you that he still has it, and never lost it. Fuck that fake ass Dr. Octagon sequel, Dr. Oc is fucking dead, and Dr. Dooom is the new sinister villian.

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