Monday, August 4, 2008

Beck- Modern Guilt

Beck is god. He can do no wrong. His fourth album in six years stands the test of his creativity by sounding completely different from anything he has put out. His first four albums were sub-par demos of goofy folk to say the least. Mellow Gold was slacker- friendly weirdness; while Odelay was a fucking brilliant display of songwriting/production (the Dust Brother’s at their best). Mutations was somber folk, country, and blues, while Midnight Vultures was tongue-in-cheek “Purple Rain”-esque, shake your ghetto ass sex dance. Beck went all emotional on us with his powerfully personal Sea Change; then went back to his roots with Guero, bringing back the Dust Brothers and his funky ass ways. The Information, recorded essentially at the same time as Guero (but came out a year later), was a brilliant oeuvre combining elements of everything he has ever done.

Two years later Beck is back, and does not disappoint. Teaming up with production extraordinaire Danger Mouse, Modern Guilt is a chilled-out album chock-full of folk, 1960s pop (the title track sounds like a modern day Turtles single), Nintendo beeps and boops, orchestral ambience, dirty bass lines, and airy guest vocals by Cat Power.

Danger Mouse shines, contributing a very vintage sound that doesn’t overpower Beck’s breathy voice. This is a very short album with no b-sides showing up at this time, leaving you wanting more of that Dangerbeck sound.

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