Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spitfire- Cult Fiction

There’s a lot of hype and controversy surrounding the release of Spitfire’s new album Cult Fiction, their second since reforming and resigning to Goodfellow in 2006. Take a look at the album cover and you might see why. The band has been lumped into the Christian metal category since they released The Dead Next Door on Christian imprint Solid State back in 1999, but the band has hinted that each member shares different views on life and does not necessarily claim to be a Christian band. But the internet kids will always over exaggerate. Who gives a shit about the album cover (which is pretty sweet by the way). Listen to the damn record.

Cult Fiction sees Norma Jean guitarist Scottie Henry parting ways, as well as bassist Ian Sabo (who is now in Solar Powered Sun Destoyer), leaving the band as ex-Scarlet members Jon Spencer and Dan Tulloh, vocalist and bassist respectively, and original members Matt Beck on guitar and Chris Raines (who is officially a member of Norma Jean) on drums. OK, that’s all for the history lesson.

Spitfire is not your typical metalcore band. Don’t expect breakdowns, clean vocals, or 80’s metal clichés. This record shares a similar chaotic formula (or lack thereof) with bands like Spencer and Tulloh’s old band Scarlet (this record shares an eerily similar name with Scarlet’s Cult Classic album) and label mates Cursed. Haunting and apocalyptic while at the same time surreal and cathartic, Cult Fiction is the dawning of a new wave of noisy nihilism. Themes of betrayal, abortion, and society’s downfall in general are delivered with raspy volition while the room spins around to the sound of frenzied wasps. Instrumental interludes provide a blanket of warmth and shelter while the world proceeds to collapse around you. This record is aurally equivalent to hearing a woman being murdered upstairs or watching an old man freeze to death in the streets.

This record is at times unnerving and creepy, but in a powerful, cohesive way.

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