Monday, July 28, 2008

Paint it Black- The New Lexicon

Hardcore has a saviour. Or maybe an anti-hero. Either way, Paint It Black don’t give a fuck. From the remains of Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, Dan Yemin has breathed new life into a dying genre seeming with fake bullshit. Three records in and the band has redefined hardcore punk and themselves seeing new ground charted in each release. Their debut CVA was a mindfuck of straight ahead hardcore in the vein of Black Flag, DOA, and any other hardcore band of the 80’s that mattered. Their sophomore release Paradise was more melodic but stilled dripping with pissed off mayhem. Their third release for Jade Tree sees the band teaming up with producer J. Robbins (of Government Issue and Jawbox fame) and Oktopus (Dälek’s mastermind producer) with something so dark and angry that you would think Steve Albini was at the reins. All hail the New Lexicon.

This record manages to take the mood of the first two releases and spit them out into an ugly, beautiful explosion. Full of poetic scathing and political aggression, the New Lexicon is apocalyptic. Ambient interludes weave in and out of a filthy sea of low end feedback like a venomous serpent ready to bite its prey. And when it does you’re fucked.

Look out for guest vocals from Naked Raygun legend Jeff Pezatti. Nihilism never felt so invigorating.

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You write really well, from one music reviewer to another.